This is another attempt at setting up a blog page and getting rid of all the pictures from the original template. This is a challenge in itself….but not nearly as much as that faced by those in “bonded labour” in Pakistani brick factories

Great Run Series 2020 Confirmation
Got my confirmation for this today-I still have to run a half marathon though; that bit isn’t virtual!

When the post came this morning it brought with it birthday cards and flyer for a funeral plan! I must be 60! A reminder of my own mortality and doing the best I can with my allotted time. But also a reminder of the classic question “If you died tonight, where would you be?….” I’m grateful for Jesus.

Yesterday was actually my birthday. The big six O! The year starts here! I had a lovely day and thanks for the best wishes (and to those who donated). I did one thing on my list for the year-to visit the Kent and East Sussex Railway. A reminder that it’s a journey as much as a destination.

My daughters bought me some new running shoes which will come in useful for the great north run. And to keep on running!

11th August. All my accommodation for the Pilgrims Way Part 1 now identified, reserved and nearly all paid. GREAT!

This picture and the quality says it all! Still trying to link this page to my actual blogs…but we learn from failure.

A calendar for 2021..

May 2021-for all the latest news please read my “latest updates” page.

There are always new things to say!

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