Seeing the unseen…

I was watching the bright light of the sun rays come in through the window while eating breakfast. Normally unseen, there were so many particles moving up and down on the warm updraughts. It was quite a dance! Now I know why my furniture gets so dusty!

Photo by Carlos Caamal on

It struck me, thinking about it, that there are so many things we don’t see but are nevertheless present. Positive things, like sound. On a negative note, covid and other bugs. But other things like radio waves, TV signals and the 4G that powers your phone. There are many stars I can’t see with my naked eye. All unseen but very present and without which life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Just because something isn’t seen doesn’t mean that it’s not real. Jesus talked about not being able to see the Holy Spirit but like the wind you can see its affects. It would have been difficult to see Mary was pregnant for the first three or four months but nevertheless the miracle baby was growing there. There is a mystery about the Christmas story. But because we can’t rationalise everything we experience (or “see” our dreams and hopes) doesn’t mean there isn’t something happening.

Christians who suffer persecution around the world live in faith. They rely on the reality of what Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we cannot see”. Believers who suffer much hold onto a hope they cannot see, because they experience the reality of it in their daily lives.

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Turning 60 is a door to a new decade. I want to use these years positively, starting with the next one. So I want it to be a year of trying different things as well as familiar one and to do a couple of challenges. 60 things at 60 with the aim of raising £6 000 for the charity Open Doors, serving persecuted Christians around the world, many who live with very little. Would you be part of the adventure with me?

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