Palm Sunday

This is an old palm 🌴 cross I have on my shelf but I thought as today is Palm Sunday I would include it. The crowds hailed Jesus that day but had turned against him a week later. How much do our expectations influence how we respond to situations (and to Jesus)? And how often do persecuted Christians fall from grace when they reveal who they are…

Saturday evening at 8:30 was Earth Hour. 60 minutes every year where lights on some of the world greatest buildings are switched off (and in homes too) to highlight the impacts of climate change. Just lighting my home with candles for an hour reminded me of two things 1) It is the poorest in our world, many of whom are persecuted Christians, who suffer most from the effects of climate change 2) Persecuted Christians are light bringers into some very dark places and to people who sometimes want to snuff the light out.

As part of “Cooking with them” I baked Nigerian Cinnamon Buns this week. I followed a recipe by Veronica who is a cook at a trauma counselling centre and who herself has seen her village burned down twice by militants. It is not easy to be a Christian in Northern Nigeria… your donations bring help to those who so need it in that area.

May the runup to Easter be a special one for you. And do remember our persecuted family at this time; Easter is often a time of heightened tensions.

Published by adrian60

Turning 60 is a door to a new decade. I want to use these years positively, starting with the next one. So I want it to be a year of trying different things as well as familiar one and to do a couple of challenges. 60 things at 60 with the aim of raising £6 000 for the charity Open Doors, serving persecuted Christians around the world, many who live with very little. Would you be part of the adventure with me?

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