Greetings cards..

As promised, I’m letting you know that the greetings cards have arrived from the printers. Yay! There are over 20 different designs to chose from so no complaints about lack of variety please! All are pictures I’ve taken since August and come with an envelope and a biodegradable plastic wallet. I’ve only done ten of each design at present but can re-order if necessary though a bit more expensive than buying in bulk.

Ah, I hear you say, but I don’t send cards, I’m a digital person. At 5 inches x 7 inches they look very nice in a frame too!

Each card is digitally printed on 300gsm card so it looks professional and is slightly glossy (but not too much)!

I have tried to select a variety of views from East Sussex up to Northumberland. The majority are from around Shoeburyness though!

If you are interested in ordering any do let me know. You can chose any combination you like. For ease of numbering I have grouped the photos in the post in fours. Starting from the top they would be numbers 1-4 in a clockwise direction so the sunflower 🌻 would be number 3 if ordering. For the second group of 4 photos featured, Dustanburgh Castle top left would be 5 if ordering the cliffs at Beachy Head no.7. Etc, etc.

In terms of donations it would be a minimum amount of £1.50 each card plus p&p. If donating for the cards via please don’t gift aid as thats not allowed in tax terms. But you can for a normal donation so please feel free to do that too 😉

This is yet another one of the 60@60 activities! As ever, it’s had its challenges. However it’s not about me setting up a card making business (!) but another way of raising awareness and money for persecuted Christians. That’s what it’s all about! The number of persecuted Christians this year has increased from 260 million worldwide to 340 million. The need keeps getting greater and you and I can make a difference.

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Turning 60 is a door to a new decade. I want to use these years positively, starting with the next one. So I want it to be a year of trying different things as well as familiar one and to do a couple of challenges. 60 things at 60 with the aim of raising £6 000 for the charity Open Doors, serving persecuted Christians around the world, many who live with very little. Would you be part of the adventure with me?

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