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Learning about myself; learning about God; trying new things; making a difference for Christians and others around the world

If you do it for the least of these…

Enjoying the adventure

You are never too old…

Without completely exhausting myself I wanted to celebrate being 60 by doing a variety of activities and events over the year. The aim was to raise money for the charity, Open Doors. 60 different things to raise £6 000.

UPDATE: I have now completed the year and the 60 activities and raised over £6000 but still receiving donations!

To find out more please listen to the following radio clip:


Open Doors

Started in 1955 by Gods Smuggler, Brother Andrew, one man’s mission became a movement. A movement to strengthen that which was dying (Revelation 3:2, The Bible). To bring spiritual and physical hope to the hopeless. Now operating in over 55 countries internationally, Open Doors advocates for persecuted believers; provides emergency aid and livelihood training; trauma counselling; training and materials.


Phone Inspire on 01993 460015

How can I give?

You can contribute to meeting the practical and spiritual needs of Christians suffering throughout the world by praying; advocating or giving at: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/AdrianSmith6060

Activities undertaken-large and small- include:

*Walking the Pilgrims Way from Winchester to Canterbury (in two sections)

*Running a half marathon

*How far can I run in 60 minutes (7.5 miles)

*Visiting Beachy Head and Eastbourne

*Eating 60 pieces of chocolate in 60 minutes

*Spotting 60 species of birds

*Growing a beard for 60 days then dying it multicoloured

*60 hour moustache

*Shaving my head

*Producing and distributing a Calendar and greetings cards

*Recorded reading of all chapters and verses in the Bible with 60 in

*Doing a shift at a Community Kitchen

*60 different recipes

*Prepare and circulate a 60’s quiz

*England’s longest zipwire

*White water rafting on the Olympic course

*Memorising Isaiah 60

*Reading Bibleapp for 60 consecutive day

*60 strokes in the North Sea

*60 Random Acts of Kindness

*Retreat on Holy Island

*Maintaining a gift box and a Bible Box

*7 days living on soup, bread and water

*Switch all lights off for an hour for Earth Hour

*Complete a course of guitar lessons

*Visiting 3 different preserved railways

*Climb highest hill in the Cotswolds

*Do 60 blogs

*£60 generosity challenge

*Visit Northumberland Coast Castles

*Run out and back along World’s longest leisure pier (Southend)

*Make a snow angel

*Make a snowman

*Do 60x 60 second planks (not at the same time)

*Run 60 miles in a month

*Bike as far as I can in 60 minutes

*Make a Kintsugi bowl

*Cook Baklava

*Buy and operate a Satnav

*Go to the top of the Shard in London

*Take a train to Southminster

About Me

I am a 60 (now 62) year old Yorkshireman who loves Jesus. A very ordinary bloke. Aware that I have less years before me than behind. Keen to keep exploring; eager to raise awareness and funds for those who need us to come alongside..

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